Product-oriented vs Market-oriented (which way should food and beverage companies thread?)

It takes great efforts for companies to launch and introduce new products onto the market. Many who are “Product-oriented” ensure that the new product meets all the technical and functional requirements which they ‘assume’ will attract consumers to make a purchase.

Product-oriented food and beverage companies most often have the notion that consumers are experts, connoisseurs and have appreciable knowledge to appreciate the innovation and the quality they introduce on the market.

Unfortunately in many cases, this isn’t so. Many customers have little knowledge about the technicalities and or quality functions of a product and therefore appreciate it less.
To them, quality clues may span across several characteristics of the product be it price, place of accessibility, packaging, etc.

Market-oriented companies are able to determine customer needs before developing products to meet them. The challenge however is that, these companies often put on hold innovation for many years as their customer base stay loyal to the existing product.

Even though these two; Product-oriented and Market-oriented mindset are individually useful for food and beverage companies, a blend would help achieve the most out of every opportunity.

Going out to determine the market need (segmenting the market, having a target market) and developing a product to meet that market can make a company consistently be innovative, and have product that are appreciated by customers thereby meeting their needs.

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