Branding and Packaging: a driving force for sales every chocolate maker could consider

Ever stopped by to take a closer look at something that sort of caught your attention? Yeah, probably many times for people who love arts and good branding.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, yes, but could it be that some industries go through the pain to perceive what one would consider beautiful and bring it to life?

Hear the word Chocolate, and there goes a beaming smile. The thought of love, sharing, memories and sweets are some elements that comes to mind in relation to this product.

With a country like Ghana that is known for growing premium cocoa for the entire chocolate industry globally, one can be assured of a quality bar chocolate from the homeland.

One distinguishing factor in the chocolate industry is the quality of chocolate, the brand name and the packaging. With the wide range and preference of consumers, one cannot specifically tell what draws a consumer to make a purchase amongst the factors stated above.

However as a business, it is important to define your target market and produce to satisfy the needs of those. Investing in the packaging of a food product is very essential for many reasons:

1. Draw and attract new customers

2. Establish an image/position in the minds of customers

3. Build trust and be a mark for excellence

4. Excite and retain existing customers

One can never go wrong with good packaging. It is even more important for industries to invest in packaging in these times were most consumers may be financially limited in buying in bulk.

Having presentable packaging makes it easier for consumers to shop for single bars and have them presentable to gift to others.

As a curious researcher, I was blown away by the interesting and eye-catching chocolate brands found on the Benin market.

With most confectionery from Ivory Coast and France, I was impressed to find the local industry going into confectionery production with brilliant packaging.

A good packaging can get you a first customer but coupled with quality chocolate can earn you a loyal consumer!


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