From Premium Cocoa to Premium Chocolates. (How GoldenTree is changing the chocolate market in Ghana)

The wide smile and beaming face as one receives chocolate as a present on special occasion never seem to end.

Chocolate has big effect on one’s mood and as Ghanaians, we are lucky to have the secret ingredient required to make citizens happy.

Even if you haven’t been to Ghana, you may have heard that a certain ingredient called cocoa, comes from a small country located in the western part of Africa.

Even though most of the cocoa beans are exported, the local chocolate industry also processes cocoa into semi finished and confectionery products.

One major chocolate brand on the Ghanaian market is GoldenTree. For many years, the Ghanaian market has been introduced to many healthy confectionery products. From bar chocolates, chocolate spreads, drinking chocolates, and many more.

Kingsbite, ChocoDelight and Royale are major brands from GoldenTree that can be found in most homes.

In recent times, consumers have been given many more options to choose from. With the expansion of the company’s portfolio, new products such as Heritage and new varieties of chocolate spread has been introduced on the local market.

With a global mindset, adapting to an ever changing consumer preferences and competitive market, GoldenTree has introduced Premium Chocolates on the local and international market.

Being known as a country that processes Premium Cocoa Beans, we can now be proud as one into Premium Chocolate production.

With improved taste and packaging, citizens can have access to tasty chocolates which meet the quality standards of its foreign competitors.

Beyond milk and dark chocolate, citizens can enjoy white chocolate, and chocolates with exotic nuts such as almonds, pistachio, pecans, walnuts, etc.

As a country that produces premium beans, value addition which makes product attractive on the local and foreign market is commendable.

We can now enjoy local chocolate the premium way!


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