“The Golden Treat From Africa”

Looking back at the experience and exposure gained at the just ending Intra African Trade Fair organized in Durban, South Africa, I am optimistic that Africa has a lot more to offer to the world when we collectively utilize our resources and empower each other.

The Intra AfricanTrade Fair brought together representatives from all across Africa to boost trade and relationships within the African continent. Aside the host country South Africa, other countries like Rwanda, Algeria, Nigeria, Egypt, Togo, Ivory Coast and many others made impressive presence at the Fair.

The hospitable nature of Ghanaians pulled massive crowds to the Ghana pavilion. Exhibitors showcased products like handcrafts, jewelry and accessories, clothings, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages.

Furthermore, finest cocoa & chocolate products made from the world’s best beans and manufactured by Ghana’s number one chocolate manufacturing company; Cocoa Processing Company Limited was also in display.

With Ghana being amongst the largest producers of cocoa, it is no surprise the best quality chocolates come from nowhere else but the GoldCoast. Cocoa has been one of the major commodities sustaining the Ghanaian economy. Cocoa is cultivated in the Ashanti, Brong-Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Western and Volta Region of Ghana.

Processing of cocoa into semi-finished and confectionery products began in Ghana many years ago. The Cocoa Processing Company was set up to process Ghana’s cocoa for local consumption as well as for export in the year 1981. The Cocoa Processing Company which is situated in the heart of Tema receives raw cocoa beans and processes them into cocoa liquor (100% chocolate), natural cocoa butter and natural cocoa powder under the PORTEM BRAND.

The company further processes it’s semi-finished into a wide range of confectionery products which are largely patronized by the Ghanaian population. Aside chocolate bars which the company is popularly known for under the GOLDENTREE brand, there are other exciting products such as Instant Drinking Chocolates, Chocolate Spreads, Chocolate Coated Peanuts and Artisanal chocolates.

Visitors who trooped the Ghana pavilion could not resist the attraction of the chocolate products from the GoldenTree stand. Visitors were given the opportunity to have a feel of what real chocolate tasted like. With real chocolate being; chocolate made from 100% Ghana cocoa, which also had high cocoa content with no cocoa butter substitute.

With GoldenTree, good nutrition and health is paramount therefore each product developed is to meet the needs of the customer whilst maintaining optimum health.

Cocoa from ages has been used as a medicinal product, cocoa powder which is derived from the cocoa bean has been reported to positively affect the heart, skin and blood conditions of humans.

In that regard, Royale natural cocoa powder produced under the GoldenTree brand is accepted in many homes as a healthy food product.

Many visitors who passed by the Ghana pavilion were mesmerized by the outstanding cocoa/chocolate products made within Africa as most of the African countries import chocolates from Europe. Overall, the Fair opened up many opportunities to all exhibitors and most importantly there is hope for a better Africa starting with trade. With regards to chocolate manufacturing , one can be proud to have GoldenTree from Ghana proudly representing Africa.

Now That’s A GoldenTre… Made In Africa!!!


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