3 Chocolates To Glaze Your Next Event

A typical weekend in Ghana involves quite a number of activities you may have partaken in the week before. Many people look forward to the weekend to rest, release stress, have family time and or attend events such as weddings, birthday parties, etc.

The common slang ‘Saturdays are for weddings‘ is a big fact here in Ghana. It’s a sight to behold on Thursday’s when couples flaunt their traditions in vibrant kente designs followed with a white wedding on Saturday.

What were you served at the last wedding ceremony you attended? Where chocolates included in gifts you received from the couples or were they served during reception? As an event planner, or if you are just planning that birthday surprise for your boss, kid or loved one,here are cool chocolates that would effortlessly lighten up moods.

1. Artisanal chocolates

Fingerfoods at an event be it for economic reasons or otherwise, adds beauty and variety at the reception. Whiles cutting cost, fingerfoods makes available to guests, many food options in sizable amounts which they can easily munch on at a table and carry about.

In recent times, pastries, nuts and chicken nuggets are served as part of small chops at events. They are easily accessible to guests and are consumed under no pressure. In as much as these foods are exciting, chocolate always makes a difference. Below are 3 types of chocolate to try on your next big day.

GoldenTree Heritage 37ghc

Made in smaller articles, these chocolates serve as the perfect treat for guests at any event. Each piece comes in its own packaging making the product well secured. With the assorted Heritage artisanal chocolates produced by GoldenTree, you get to wow your guests with 9 different chocolates all in one pack!

Talk of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolates with exciting flavours such strawberry, ginger, Irish cream and mint, the GoldenTree Heritage is a sure way to get people talking about your event even days after. What’s more, the pack also includes nut and cocoa nibs infused chocolates that would wet your appetite.

2. Customized chocolates

Having a bar of chocolate made for a loved one on their birthdays, anniversary or weddings leaves lasting memories. Per one‘s preference the packaging and or recipe can be tailored to suit the customer and or the occasion. Most Ghanaians have began buying into the idea of having chocolate products customized for their birthdays, weddings, corporate events and many more. Aside the usual bar chocolates, other products from GoldenTree which could be customized are artisanal chocolates and chocolate coated nuts.

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Customized bar chocolates from GoldenTree can be in the 50g or 100g size. Additionally customers can opt for the card wrapping which gives product a premium feel.

As a leading manufacturer of cocoa and confectionery products, customers can be assured of quality chocolate content from GoldenTree to delight their guests.

3. Chocolate Coated Nuts

What’s a party without snacks. Snacks are what connects guests and keeps conversations ongoing at a sitting. Have you tried the new GoldenTree Nutty Choc? If you love nuts here’s a good news for you, the GoldenTree Nutty Choc comes in 3 varieties; groundnut coated with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate giving you soo much options to choose from. From the rich creamy white chocolate taste right to the strong dark chocolate feel you surely are in to give your guests a treat.

Are you planning for a kids party? Then Pebbles from GoldenTree might be the secret ingredient you need to pull off a memorable day. The assorted colours of Pebbles makes it ideal as snacks or toppings for cakes, icecreams, etc.

Is your birthday in 3 days or are you planning your next biggest event? You definitely can’t go wrong with any of these products. From serving guess with Heritage as appetizers or including a customized chocolate in their souvenirs or exploring exciting baking options with Nutty Choc you are in for a good fun !!!


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